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Ballot Buddy success November 2021, Brady D & Dustin M
Ballot Buddy success November 2021, Brady D & Dustin M

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Ginger Beer Golf Travel
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 15 reviews
 by Debra Moore
A brilliant strategy

Chris has developed a brilliant strategy for matching golfers to enter the Old Course Ballot. Very helpful and great communicator.

 by Adam L
Old Course Success!

I had the fortune of traveling Scotland with friends and family recently, however, none were golfers! I figured I would be out of luck on playing the Old Course due to the ballot restriction of 2+ applicants - that is until I found Chris's website and the ballot buddy. Chris was extremely helpful and prompt in email help even prior to me applying for the ballot buddy. I was only available for 1 day of my trip, and I got matched immediately. Our group grew to a full 4-ball after a short period of time and, after application (which Chris helpfully reminds you of via automated emails), we were selected to play the Old Course! It was a dream come true and something that would never have happened without the Ballot Buddy service. The level of help and interaction you get for such a low cost is amazing - I recommend to anyone that doesn't have playing partners for their trip. Thank you again, Chris and Gingerbeer Golf, for the great experience and helping me check a bucket list item off!

Thanks Adam so much for your fullsome praise for Ballot Buddy. When your luck is in and you get picked in the ballot it really is the best! I'm so pleased it worked out great for you and you had a magical time on the Old Course, along with your fellow Ballot Buddies who joined you on your tee time. Best, Chris

 by Danny Rego
Ballot Buddy to the Rescue

Huge thank you to Chris and Gingerbeer Golf for the singles matching service for the Old Course Ballot. Without it, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to get on the course. It was a magical round with fast-friends made from the ballot pairing. I'll never forget this day...thanks Chris!

You are very welcome Danny! The ballot is especially busy this year with many, many golfers like you trying to get a slot on the Old Course. So it's always great to see a success story. Thanks for your kind words. All the best Chris

 by Chris Westcott
The Old Course

I stumbled onto Ginger Beer Golf (Chris) with a last ditch effort to try and play The Old Course. Fortunately for me Chris was able to pair me with two great brothers on a Scotland golf tour in the ballot process. Chris was on top of everything from the moment I signed up and kept me up to date with how the process worked, who I was signed up with and, when the good news came in, alerting me to our successful ballot. In addition, I text him a number of questions that he immediately responded to and it never felt like he was put out or annoyed. I cannot say enough about my positive experience with Chris and when I plan my next golf escape to Scotland he will be the first person I contact. Thank you so much and let the Williams brothers know I had a great time playing with them.

Thank you so much for your kind review Chris. I think it's true to say that quite a lot of luck was involved to turn your last ditch effort into ballot success and a round on the Old Course. But it just goes to show that even if the odds are stacked against you, it's always worth your while submitting a ballot application. Do get back in touch, next time you are thinking of golfing in Scotland. All the best, Chris

 by Joe Fowler
Endeavor to persevere

I would like to thank Chris for going above and beyond. Like many of you my trip to Scotland would not have been complete without a chance to play the Old Course. With family in tow, it was too expensive to use a provider. I did not hit on the first couple of ballots and contacted Chris for additional assistance. He was very understanding and without hesitation hooked me up with buddies for additional days at no cost. I did finally get a tee time on the 5th submission. It's amazing how well a group of strangers can come together and have a great time when they are doing something they love. Thanks again Chris.

Hey Joe, it's success stories like this that make what I do so worthwhile. Folk who would otherwise not have an easy chance to play the Old Course. I'm so pleased you got on eventually; and draining a 20 footer on the 18th is a fitting end. Thanks for your kind words, I really appreciate it. All the best, Chris

 by Keith Franklin

Superb idea and worked for me and my playing partners, all single golfers. We even got together and played a few other courses.

Hope Chris gets some recognition for his efforts.

Thanks so much Keith. Pleased your group of 4 singles got a tee time together in the Old Course ballot, despite the low October odds. Even more pleased Ballot Buddy brought 4 golfing strangers together to play on other courses as well. All the best, Chris

 by tommy walker
St Andrews Old Course

Most of this year because of restrictions, it has been impossible to play the Old Course as a single player walk-up. BallotBuddy was invaluable to join up with other golfers wishing to play the course and gain access. BallotBuddy paired me up with another golfer and we were successful on our second ballot attempt. Ginger Beer Golf Travel were invaluable helping me get another course off my bucket list when traditional options were very limited. I highly recommend them.

Thanks Tommy for your kind words. So pleased to be able to find a ballot buddy for you. Despite Covid-19, demand for an Old Course ballot time still outstrips supply, but as the saying goes, you've got to be in it to win it. So it's great that your name came out in the ballot. I hope you enjoyed your round and have some great memories to look back on. All the best, C

 by Christian Beek
After 10 years....

We have the privilege of owning a property a mere 200 yards from the 1st tee of the Old Course since 2010. But that does not help at all in getting a tee time as a single player. Chris makes this possible and we succeeded in August of this year. His initiative is unique and deserves recognition.

Looking forward to the opportunities ahead! Christian

Thanks so much for your kind review Christian. Let me know if you are up in St Andrews again and are looking for another single golfer to enter the ballot with. I'll be delighted to help. All the best. Chris

 by Maurizio D'Arrigo
Old Course Ballot Success

I recently planned a trip to Scotland leveraging the low number of tourists due to Covid 19 situation. I did it in the spur of the moment, and I travelled alone. Of course playing the Old was a dream of mine, and I was very disappointed to know that due to Covid only 2+ people could apply to the Ballot and get a tee time. After looking around I found Chris' service to match up singles... I thought it was a scam, but my desire to play was just too big, so I gave it a try. Well... Chris emailed me back in a couple of hours with 2 options to pair up with other players. I immediately buddied up with Tom and as luck goes we got a tee time in the Old. We then played together Carnoustie and met again back here in London. So, what else to say other than I owe a big big big thank you to Chris and his service. If this is the way he manages his Golf Travel service, I would recommend him hands down. Thanks again Chris!!!

Thank you for your great review Maurizio. It's so satisfying to see golfers getting on the Old Course when they wouldn't otherwise be able - especially so during this Covid-19 period when there is no singles queue to join. And it sounds like you made a new golfing buddy too, which is a bonus. I hope your St Andrews experience will draw you back to Scotland again to play some of the other fine courses. If so, and you want some help with booking courses as a single golfer then just let me know. All the best. C

 by Pete Bowden
Simply Amazing!

What a great service and cannot recommend highly enough for single golfers! 5 stars. I was paired with two fantastic other single golfers and we had a ton of fun. Being selected for the ballot is especially difficult during the COVID-19 pandemic. Were fortunate to match 1 of 4 times we entered.

Playing the Old Course was surreal at first, but a lot of fun. The Golf Gods must have been in a great mood the day we played as I got an Eagle on Hole 5, something I will never forget! With my playing partners I met on Ballot Buddy, we also played the New Course, Castle Course, and Eden Course.

Thank you Chris for the great service! I will be using Ballot Buddy again!

Hi Pete. So pleased the golfing gods shone down on you and you had a great hit out on the Old. Thanks for the great review of my BallotBuddy service too. With COVID-19 guidelines not allowing single players to queue, BallotBuddy is even more helpful to give single players the chance to play the Old Course. I'm particularly pleased you enjoyed playing with your BallotBuddys, so much so that you played the other St Andrews courses with them. Great golfing memories and friendships made! All the best, Chris

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