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Single Golfers: How to find an Old Course Ballot Partner

Are you a single golfer and want to play St Andrews Old Course?

  • Register on our BallotBuddy service and enter the dates you are coming to St Andrews.
  • If there is a date match with another single player we will hook you up.
  • As a 2 ball you can now enter the ballot for a tee time.
  • No more waiting in line!

Don’t wait in line – get a BallotBuddy!

Old Course St Andrews, view over Swilken Bridge and 17th fairway

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How BallotBuddy works


Decide when you are coming to play the Old Course via a ballot time and register for my free BallotBuddy Service


Submit up to 5 dates.

It’s better if you can play any time but otherwise you can specify your time restrictions


Your dates / times will be added to a database of other BallotBuddy golfers looking to team up.

If you get a date/time match with a second golfer (or more, up to 4) I will connect you to your Ballotbuddy via email introduction


As a 2 (3 or 4) ball you are now eligible to apply for an Old Course ballot time.
It’s down to you and your BallotBuddy from this point forward.

More than 4 golfers with a match? Your dates / times will be added to the database of other golfers looking to team up

No Match? Don’t despair …

You can still use the ‘walk-up’ option and wait in line.
Read more about your chances of play in my in-depth report on the Single Golfer at St Andrews

Can BallotBuddy Help you?

YES If you are single golfer without an advanced tee time

WHY? Because there must be at least 2 golfers on an Old Course ballot application

Your only other option is to ‘walk-up’ on the day, get up early and join the line outside the Old Pavilion

Chances of play that day are reliant entirely on gaps on the draw sheet and your place in the line

My unique, free and simple-to-use BallotBuddy service helps you find an Old Course ballot partner so you and your fellow golfer are eligible to submit an Old course ballot application together

BallotBuddy success

Don’t miss out

The numbers speak for themselves


80% date match rate & 50 Old Course rounds played


100 date match requests and counting …

Current BallotBuddy date match requests for 2020:

Last updated: July 11, 2020
All dayFirst
to 10:00
to 13:00
to 13:00
to last
to last
Wed, 1
Thu, 2July 20201
Fri, 3
Sat, 4July 20201
Sun, 5
Mon, 6July 20201
Tue, 7July 20202
Wed, 8July 20202
Thu, 9
Fri, 10
Sat, 11
Sun, 12
Mon, 13
Tue, 14July 20201
Wed, 15July 20201
Thu, 16July 20201
Fri, 17
Sat, 18
Sun, 19
Mon, 20
Tue, 21
Wed, 22
Thu, 23July 20201
Fri, 24July 20201
Sat, 25
Sun, 26
Mon, 27
Tue, 28
Wed, 29
Thu, 30July 20201
Fri, 31
Sat, 1
Sun, 2
Mon, 3August 20201
Tue, 4August 20202
Wed, 5August 20202
Thu, 6August 20202
Fri, 7August 20201
Sat, 8August 20201
Sun, 9
Mon, 10
Tue, 11August 20201
Wed, 12
Thu, 13
Fri, 14
Sat, 15
Sun, 16
Mon, 17August 20201
Tue, 18August 20202
Wed, 19August 20202
Thu, 20August 20203
Fri, 21August 20202
Sat, 22August 202011
Sun, 23
Mon, 24August 20201
Tue, 25
Wed, 26August 20201
Thu, 27August 20201
Fri, 28August 20201
Sat, 29
Sun, 30
Mon, 31August 20201
Tue, 1September 20201
Wed, 2September 20201
Thu, 3September 20201
Fri, 4
Sat, 5
Sun, 6
Mon, 7September 20201
Tue, 8September 20201
Wed, 9September 20201
Thu, 10September 20201
Fri, 11
Sat, 12
Sun, 13
Mon, 14
Tue, 15
Wed, 16
Thu, 17
Fri, 18
Sat, 19
Sun, 20
Mon, 21
Tue, 22
Wed, 23
Thu, 24
Fri, 25
Sat, 26
Sun, 27
Mon, 28
Tue, 29
Wed, 30
Thu, 1
Fri, 2
Sat, 3
Sun, 4
Mon, 5
Tue, 6
Wed, 7
Thu, 8
Fri, 9
Sat, 10
Sun, 11
Mon, 12
Tue, 13
Wed, 14
Thu, 15
Fri, 16
Sat, 17
Sun, 18
Mon, 19
Tue, 20
Wed, 21
Thu, 22
Fri, 23
Sat, 24
Sun, 25
Mon, 26
Tue, 27
Wed, 28
Thu, 29
Fri, 30
Sat, 31
BallotBuddy table notes:
  • Golfers are invited to register to find a BallotBuddy, specifying their availability to START play:
    ‘All day’ – golfer(s) available to start play at any time on that day.
    ‘First to 10:00’ – golfer(s) available to start play only between the first tee time and 10:00.
    ‘First to 13:00’ – golfer(s) available to start play only between the first tee time and 13:00.
    ’10:00 to 13:00′ – golfer(s) available to start play only between 10:00 and 13:00.
    ’10:00 to last’ – golfer(s) available to start play only between 10:00 and last tee time.
    ’13:00 to last’ – golfer(s) available to start play only between 13:00 and last tee time.

    Note: First and last tee times will vary according to time of year and may be found when specifying your availability as part of your Old Course Ballot application with the St Andrews Links.

  • Dates and times with a number indicate where there has been a BallotBuddy date & time request and / or a BallotBuddy date & time match has been found.
  • The numbers indicate the current number of golfers registered for a date & time:
  • 1 golfer seeking a date & time match with another golfer (3 slots remaining)
  • 2 golfers with a date & time match (2 slots remaining)
  • 3 golfers with a date & time match (1 slot remaining)
  • 4 golfers with a date & time match (0 slots remaining). Group is now closed.
    Where your preferred date & time already has 4 golfers and 0 slots remaining (and the group therefore is now closed) you are still encouraged to register on BallotBuddy. We will publish the date & time a second time, and indicate there is another golfer seeking a BallotBuddy.

BallotBuddy feedback & reviews…

Average rating:  
 5 reviews
Ballot Buddy - Yes!

I used Ballot Buddy three times in June 2019 and hit the Old Course ballot 2 of 3 times. The process is quite simple, and Chris makes it easy to correspond with your "buddies". He keeps on top of things to make sure that all parties are in sync before ballot submission day. He pays very good attention to detail. I will use Ballot Buddy again on my next trip to St Andrews.

by Mark Zarick on Ginger Beer Golf Travel
Great Experience!

I used the BallotBuddy service and it made all the difference. I was able to play the Old Course and check it off my Bucket List (a month later I'm still smiling)! I paid Chris nothing, yet he was there writing all these emails to us as our foursome changed. I can only imagine what he can do for anyone who wants to hire him to set up their experience. His devotion and professionalism are second to none!

by Joe Housey on Ginger Beer Golf Travel

I used Chris’ BallotBuddy service and he facilitated helping me along the way tremendously. Chris’ communication via email was impressive and always responded in a timely manner. Having a system for single golfers to get onto a ballot, and being so helpful throughout the process was an outstanding service to take advantage of. Not having been familiar with the system at all at St Andrews Old Course, Chris bridged the gap and was an incredible asset. Thank you so much, Chris! Truly an unforgettable experience!

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