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Last Updated: August 15, 2022


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Mon, 03October 20221
Tue, 04October 20223
Wed, 05October 20223
Thu, 06October 20224
Thu, 06October 20221
Fri, 07October 20222
Sat, 08October 20223
Mon, 10October 20221
Thu, 13October 20223
Fri, 14October 20221
Sat, 15October 20221
Mon, 17October 20223
Tue, 18October 20222
Wed, 19October 20222
Thu, 20October 20222
Sat, 22October 20221
Wed, 26October 20221
Thu, 27October 20221
Mon, 31October 20221
Tue, 01November 20221
Wed, 02November 20221
Thu, 03November 20221
Fri, 04November 20221
Tue, 17January 20231
Wed, 18January 20231
Thu, 19January 20231
Fri, 12May 20231
Sat, 13May 20231
Mon, 15May 20231
Tue, 16May 20231
Wed, 17May 20231
Thu, 18May 20231
Fri, 19May 20231
Tue, 30May 20231
Sat, 03June 20231
Mon, 05June 20232
Tue, 06June 20231
Wed, 07June 20231
Fri, 09June 20231
Sat, 10June 20231
Tue, 27June 20231
Thu, 29June 20231
Wed, 19July 20231
Thu, 20July 20231
Fri, 21July 20231
Sat, 22July 20231
Tue, 25July 20231
Wed, 26July 20231
Thu, 27July 20231

How Ballot Buddy Works


Read more about your chances of play using the walk up option in my in-depth report on the Single Golfer at St Andrews

“My unique simple-to-use Ballot Buddy service helps you find an Old Course ballot partner so you and your fellow golfer are eligible to submit an Old Course ballot application together

chris Toll, ginger beer golf travel

Ballot Buddy success STATS


“We had a great day. The sun shone and winds were low so we had no excuses! Matt was a great guy to play with and we were very grateful to have been joined up by your service

Bryan Leahy, June 2021

Ballot Buddy Reviews

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 13 reviews
 by Danny Rego on Ginger Beer Golf Travel
Ballot Buddy to the Rescue

Huge thank you to Chris and Gingerbeer Golf for the singles matching service for the Old Course Ballot. Without it, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to get on the course. It was a magical round with fast-friends made from the ballot pairing. I'll never forget this day...thanks Chris!

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We had a great day on the Old Course with some unbelievable weather after scoring a 7:30AM tee time via the ballot.  All made possible by the ingenious service provided by Ballot Buddy.
Matt F, USA
June 2022
I am extremely thankful for your creation of the ballot buddy system. Using your ballot buddy system enabled myself and my ballot buddy match to successfully secure an 11:40 game at the Old Course on Wednesday, 25 May 2022. It was sunny and windy; a great day to golf and a lifetime experience I’ll always remember. I would strongly recommend it to any single golfers seeking a time for a game at the Old Course.
Alejandro B, USA
May 2022
Without GingerBeer, I would have never gotten the chance to play The Old Course. The whole ballot process was extremely easy to complete, and he answered every question I had along the way. I made friends and memories that will last a lifetime – all thanks to Chris!
Steve L, USA
May 2022
The caddie said aim toward the rainbow so I did…. Thank you gingerbeergolf for this opportunity…. I am definitely appreciative of the ability to check this off the bucket list.
Dave C, USA
MAy 2022
A special day on the Old Course, with two great companions, all thanks to Ballot Buddy.
Ron Varriel, USA
October 2021
Thank you so much Chris for what you do, I was able to play the Old Course on Monday the 26th of July… had a wonderful time… the guy that you paired me up with was great… thank you for your help again… thank you for having this available for single golfers
Tony Torres, USA
July 2021

See Ballot Buddy in action:

First Ballot Buddy 4 ball!

Bill, George, Todd, Matt. Ballot Buddy first 4 ball
May 2022

This brings me much joy. 4 guys from the US who met each other for the first time at 7:30. 4 single golfers who wanted that chance to play the Old Course without having to get up at stupid o’clock to join a queue and hope for the best.

Bill, George, Todd and Matt – congrats guys, I hope you had a great round together!

Chris Toll, Ginger Beer Golf Travel

All 4 joined my Ballot Buddy service I hooked them up, and this is my first all-Ballot Buddy 4-ball to get a tee time in the ballot.

First Ballot Buddy round of 2022!

“We had a fantastic day at St. Andrews. Perfect conditions and a very enjoyable round with Alex and Hamish and caddie Jim.
For me, the Ballot Buddy service was great as I knew on Thursday evening that I had a guaranteed tee-time for Saturday lunchtime and it allowed me to plan my weekend around that.

Bryan Leahy, April 2022

Below is a photo of my tee shot on 18 – it stayed in bounds by about two feet! 😊

Ballot Buddy success, B Leahy Apr 2022

Without a successful ballot, I would’ve ended up in the singles queue at all hours of the morning with no guarantee of success, or scrambling around trying to get out on a neighbouring course. This peace of mind is well worth 10 pounds in my opinion.

Many thanks for your help again Chris – I’m now 2 for 2 using Ballot Buddy service!

Heads up – 2023 Muirfield tee times sold out!
Advance bookings for 2024 open in March 2023. To apply you must be a 4 ball.

If you are a single golfer or part of a 2 or 3 ball then use my Muirfield Booking Buddy service and find yourself the perfect Booking Buddy match to make up a 4 ball.

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