St Andrews BallotBuddy Service
Single Golfers: How to find an Old Course Ballot Partner

Did you know …

As a single golfer you cannot apply for an Old Course ballot tee time?

There must be at least 2 golfers on the application.

But now …

My unique, free and simple-to-use BallotBuddy service helps you find an Old Course ballot partner.

Score a date match so you and your fellow golfer are eligible to submit an Old Course ballot application together.

Can BallotBuddy help you?

YES if you are a single golfer without an advanced tee time

Currently your only option is to ‘walk-up’ on the day. Get up early and join the line outside the Old Pavilion.

Chances of play that day are reliant entirely on gaps on the draw sheet and your place in the line.

So why not try BallotBuddy?

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How does it work?

Step #1

  • Decide when you are coming to St Andrews to play the Old Course via a ballot time.
  • Register for my free BallotBuddy service.
  • Submit up to 5 dates.

Step #2

Spread the News
  • Post the news of your BallotBuddy registration on your social media accounts.
  • Share widely with your friends & contacts.
  • Ask them to share your news too!

Step #3

What Next?
  • Your dates will be added to a database of other BallotBuddy golfers looking to team up.
  • If you get a date match with a 2nd golfer (or more, up to 4), I will connect you to your BallotBuddy via email introduction.

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The more people know that you are looking for a ballot partner the better chance you have of finding a BallotBuddy

Success thanks to BallotBuddy!
3 date match buddies and a ‘walk-up’ get ready at the 1st Tee
Apr 9, 2019
by Michael Collins on Ginger Beer Golf Travel
BallotBuddy Match

The BallotBuddy Match which Chris, from the Ginger Beer Golf Travel, has initiated is a super service. As a single golfer visiting St Andrews from South Africa I was fully aware of how difficult it would be to play the Old Course. However Chris paired me with other single golfers and we were then able to enter the Old Course Ballot. I was successful on three occasions playing with fellow golfers from around the world. Whilst it does not guarantee that you will be successful in the ballot, it provides an opportunity to enter. It is truly a super initiative which Chris offers at no charge. Thank you Chris.

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Date match?


As a 2 ball you are now eligible to apply for an Old Course ballot time.

It is down to you and your BallotBuddy from this point forward.

More than 2 golfers with a date match? You should apply together for a ballot time (up to a maximum of 4 golfers).

No BallotBuddy?

Don’t despair

You can still use the ‘walk-up’ option and wait in line to play.

Read more about your chances of play in my in-depth report on the Single Golfer at St Andrews.

Sign me up!

BallotBuddy Registration

Golf is a game known for the honesty and integrity of its players.

Likewise, the success of this service relies 100% on your goodwill and honest intentions. I’m sure you would no more want to let down your BallotBuddy than be let down by them.

So please only submit dates if you are committed to playing.

Your Ballot Checklist:

  • To enter the ballot there must be at least two players and all names, Home Clubs and handicaps will be required.
  • If successful, a current official handicap card (Golf Club affiliated to a Golf Union/Association), record or certificate must be presented to the starter prior to play. Maximum handicaps – 24 Men, 36 Ladies. Letters of introduction from your local Club Professional are not accepted.
  • Duplicate ballot entries will be disqualified. Only the named golfers on the ballot entry are permitted to play.

Current BallotBuddy date match requests for 2019:

Last updated: April 18, 2019
Wed, 3 Apr Fri, 3 May 2Sat, 1 Jun Mon, 8 Jul Thu, 1 Aug Tue, 15 Oct
Thu, 4 Apr 2Sat, 4 May 2Mon, 3 Jun Sat, 13 Jul Mon, 5 Aug Wed, 16 Oct
Fri, 5 Apr 2Thu, 9 May Mon, 10 Jun Mon, 15 Jul Tue, 6 Aug Thu, 17 Oct
Sat, 6 Apr 3Fri, 10 May Wed, 12 Jun Wed, 17 Jul Wed, 7 Aug Fri, 18 Oct 2
Mon, 8 Apr Tue, 14 May Thu, 27 Jun Wed, 31 Jul Thu, 8 Aug Sat, 19 Oct 2
Mon, 15 Apr Wed, 15 May Mon, 9 Sep
Tue, 16 Apr Thu, 16 May Mon, 12 Aug
Thu, 18 Apr 2Tue, 13 Aug
Fri, 19 Apr
Sat, 20 Apr 2
Mon, 22 Apr
Tue, 23 Apr
Wed, 24 Apr
Thu, 25 Apr
Fri, 26 Apr
Sat, 27 Apr
BallotBuddy table notes:
  • Dates without a number indicate where there is one single golfer seeking a BallotBuddy.
  • Dates with a number indicate where there has been a date match and a BallotBuddy has been found.
  • The numbers indicate the current number of golfers due to ballot together for a tee time on that date:
  • 2 golfers (2 slots remaining)
  • 3 golfers (1 slot remaining)
  • 4 golfers (0 slots remaining). Group is now closed.
  • Where your preferred date already has 4 golfers and 0 slots remaining (and the group therefore is now closed) you are still encouraged to register on BallotBuddy.
    We will publish the date a second time, and indicate there is one single golfer seeking a BallotBuddy.

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