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Tue, 7December 20211
Wed, 8December 20212
Thu, 9December 20212
Fri, 10December 20212
Sat, 11December 20211
Mon, 13December 20211
Thu, 10February 20221
Fri, 11February 20221
Mon, 14March 20221
Tue, 15March 20221
Wed, 16March 20221
Thu, 17March 20221
Tue, 5April 20221
Fri, 22April 20221
Sat, 23April 20221
Mon, 25April 20221
Tue, 26April 20221
Wed, 27April 20221
Thu, 28April 20221
Fri, 29April 20221
Sat, 30April 20221
Fri, 13May 20221
Sat, 14May 20221
Tue, 17May 20221
Wed, 18May 20221
Sat, 21May 20221
Mon, 23May 20221
Sat, 28May 20221
Tue, 7June 20221
Wed, 8June 202211
Thu, 9June 20221
Fri, 10June 202211
Sat, 11June 20221
Tue, 14June 20221
Wed, 15June 20221
Thu, 16June 20221
Fri, 17June 20221
Mon, 20June 20221
Tue, 21June 20221
Tue, 19July 20221
Wed, 20July 20221
Thu, 21July 20221
Tue, 26July 20221
Wed, 27July 202211
Thu, 28July 20222
Fri, 29July 20222
Sat, 30July 20221
Mon, 1August 20221
Thu, 4August 20221
Fri, 5August 20221
Sat, 6August 20221
Sat, 13August 20221
Mon, 15August 20222
Tue, 16August 20222
Wed, 17August 20222
Thu, 18August 20221
Mon, 22August 20221
Tue, 23August 20221
Mon, 29August 20221
Tue, 30August 20221
Wed, 31August 20221
Thu, 1September 20221
Fri, 2September 20221
Sat, 3September 20221

How Ballot Buddy Works


Read more about your chances of play using the walk up option in my in-depth report on the Single Golfer at St Andrews

“My unique simple-to-use Ballot Buddy service helps you find an Old Course ballot partner so you and your fellow golfer are eligible to submit an Old course ballot application together

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Ballot Buddy success Nov 2021, B Dennis & D Martin

Ballot Buddy success


“We had a great day. The sun shone and winds were low so we had no excuses! Matt was a great guy to play with and we were very grateful to have been joined up by your service

Bryan Leahy, June 2021

Ballot Buddy Reviews

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 10 reviews
 by Keith Franklin on Ginger Beer Golf Travel

Superb idea and worked for me and my playing partners, all single golfers. We even got together and played a few other courses. Hope Chris gets some recognition for his efforts.

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A special day on the Old Course, with two great companions, all thanks to Ballot Buddy.
Ron Varriel, USA
October 2021
Thank you so much Chris for what you do, I was able to play the Old Course on Monday the 26th of July… had a wonderful time… the guy that you paired me up with was great… thank you for your help again… thank you for having this available for single golfers
Tony Torres, USA
July 2021
Using the ballot buddy system was a great and easy way of increasing my chances to play the most historic golf course on the planet. Chris‘ communication was superb and after pairing me up with another individual I entered us into the ballot and luckily got a tee time for 2 o’clock the next day. If you’re coming to St Andrews with the desire to play the old course or even just in the area and on the off chance decide to play the course then definitely use this service. A great day out, helped by the superb weather, on a magnificent course. Many thanks to Chris for making it happen.
Matt Graham, UK
July 2021
Brilliant service set up by Chris @Gingerbeergolftravel. It made my dream of playing the old course so straightforward. I’d definitely use it again and thoroughly recommend to any single golfers out there looking to play the old course.
Kevin Burton, UK
July 2021

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