St Andrews Old Course Tee Times : Your questions answered

Last Updated: December 4, 2023

For many, getting a St Andrews Old Course tee time is the ‘holy grail of golf’. With that billing, it’s no surprise therefore that getting a guaranteed tee time well in advance of your visit is considered the hottest ticket in golf. But with a variety of different ways of securing a visitor tee time available, it isn’t always straightforward and it can be a frustratingly complicated and time consuming process.

St Andrews tee times – Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

Old Course tee times and playing in St Andrews in general raises a wide variety of queries with my clients. I try to answer the most frequently asked questions here:

How can Ginger Beer Golf Travel help?

As a Golf Travel Specialist with expertise in St Andrews & Scotland I can quickly establish what options are available to you.

I can help match, where possible, your preferred travel dates with remaining tee times, together with accommodations, transportation, non-golfer options etc. – and offer them to you in one customised package.

I also offer a bespoke research service to assist with your trip planning.

As a Golf Travel Specialist with over 20 years of St Andrews expertise I can help quickly to establish what options are available to you.

What impact has Covid-19 had on golfers and St Andrews Old Course tee times?

How does the St Andrews Old Course tee time system work?

Can I apply for a private advance tee time as a single golfer?

I have been unsuccessful in my private advance tee time application. What should I do now?

I want to purchase a commercial Old Course tee time. Can I buy just the tee time and book everything else myself?

Are ‘last minute’ guaranteed tee times available?

Is it possible to secure a guaranteed Old Course tee time myself?

What is the St Andrews Old Course ballot?

What are the chances of getting a tee time in the Old Course Ballot?

Can single golfers make an Old Course Ballot application?

Is it possible to play the Old Course as a single golfer as a ‘walk-up’?

Do I need a handicap certificate to play the Old Course?

Can I use a buggy at St Andrews? In particular can I use a buggy on the Old Course?

What is the most cost effective way to secure a tee time?

When is the best time to travel to St Andrews?

What St Andrews based golf itineraries would you recommend?

To discuss all your ideas and discover how I can help, get in touch with me now to start planning.

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